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Jubilee Tiles

FAQ'S- Jubilee

Jubilee Tiles Faq’s

Why choose Swimming Pool tiles ?

Within the industry, Swimming Pool Tiles are considered the ideal prime pool surface finish for pool interiors. When installed correctly Mosaic Pool Tiles outperform pebble, painted or render swimming pool finishes in all aspects including durability, longevity, feel, maintenance and adding value to your properties upon resale. A fully Tiled Pool is commonly regarded as the ultimate finish for pool interiors due to their durability and easy maintenance many builders consider swimming pool tiles a must have around the waterline of a swimming pool as this area experiences a lot of discolouration and watermarking if other interiors are used.

Is it true that glass mosaics pool tiles have more problems than other tiles?

Not at all, this is a common misconception propagated by bad workmanship. The truth is that Glass and Crystal mosaics Swimming Pool Tiles are in fact a superior product when compared to ceramic and stone for swimming pool interiors, but require better installation practices and materials than both ceramic and stone. A combination of people using the wrong adhesives and methods as well as inexperienced or unqualified tilers has led to this misunderstanding pervading the industry.

Where can I find your price range?

Our friendly staff will happily provide you a pricelist or specific product information, feel free to contact us over the phone, via email or in person at our display centres for any price inquiries.

How do I work out how many square metres of tiles my Pool Tiles & Tiling needs?

We can calculate that for you either by having access to the dimensions of your swimming pool, or as part of the quotation process for  swimming pool tile installation projects.

Do your Swimming Pool Tiles meet Australian Standards?

Absolutely Yes. Jubilee Tiles takes pride in not only selling the best Glass and Crystal mosaic Swimming Pool Tiles on the market, but also manufacturing them ourselves. The owners and supervisors here at Jubilee Tiles have over 30 years of experience in the Swimming Pool Tile and Pool building industry, which they use to make sure that all aspects involving their products, from Pool Tiles, Pool Adhesives and Pool Tiling appropriate methods of installation they recommend are held to the best industry standard there is.

Provided is our own in dependant testing through the CSIRO Australia for our methods of Adhesive testing with our Pool Tiles.

Do you provide a warranty on your tiles?

Yes, we do, we provide it to our customers before any purchases are conducted. Alternatively contact our friendly staff and we will send out a copy to you.

Can I have a third party install your tiles without voiding the warranty?

Potentially. In the event of a structural failure involving our Pool Tiles when a third party has been sourced for installation, the cause of failure will need to be investigated. This is because fault with the tiles themselves must be established. If the third party has not used our recommended adhesives and/or has used improper practices to install our Pool Tiles, the warranty is not applicable. However, if after investigation the tiles can be established as the cause of failure, we do still warranty our product in third party circumstances. See our warranty policy for further information.

What about custom designs?

Custom designed Swimming Pool Tiles are considered a premium service and product here at Jubilee Tiles, so please contact our friendly staff about the terms and conditions surrounding them.

How do tiles effect pool maintenance?

In every way testable, Pool Tiles improve the ease with which you can maintain your pool, they are a more durable and easy to clean pool finish than any other product available. More resistant to sun, water and chemical imbalances than its counterparts.

Are your Swimming Pool Tiles & Products suitable for saltwater pools?

Absolutely, Jubilee Tiles are able to be submersed in all conventional pool water types, we also sell the correct Glues and Adhesives.

How do Pool Tiles effect a pools water colour?

The colour of the water in your swimming pool is caused by the reflection, refraction and the diffusion of light by both the water and any installed tiles. The tiles effects in this differ depending on colour so contact our staff via email, phone or in person and inquire about the pool tiles you were considering for the best advice.

Are your Swimmng Pool Tiles suitable for a fibreglass pool?

Our Mosaic Swimming Pool Tiles are suitable to be applied in a wide range of situations, however, be sure to ask our staff about your specific construction needs. Warranty for fibreglass pools is solely the responsibility of the contractor on hand. As we do not warrant this method of application.

Can I empty my concrete pool?

Yes, you can, however, pool interiors are designed to be submerged for the duration of their use and having a pool drained for more than 72 hours is considered to be the extreme limit of the recommended time to remain empty. This is further influenced by environmental factors like temperature, climate, works being done in the area surround your pool etc.

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"Great service, very friendly helpful staff that supply a beautiful product. After going to many tile shops they were the best by far. Thank you."