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Jubilee Tiles

Jubilee Tiles- Warranty

Jubilee Tiles- Warranty


Jubilee Tiles warrants all its products to maintain their useful structural integrity for a period of ten years, from the date of purchase.

This warranty strictly applies to the products themselves and not to third party goods or services such as adhesives and labour.


This warranty does Not cover:

- Scratches

- Defects caused by improper surface preparation, installation or application.

- Installation of the tiles that have a manufacturing defect.

- Damage accrued by delivery via third parties.

- Discoloration or appearance caused by poor maintenance.


Before a claim is honoured, Jubilee Tiles reserves the right to have an independent third party investigate the cause of failure and establish liability. If Jubilee Tiles accepts a claim under the Jubilee Tiles Mosaic Warranty, it will repair or replace, as its option, the affected material. This warranty covers the repair or replacement of the affected materials only, it does not cover labour costs. If the original design for which a claim is made is no longer available, Jubilee Tiles will replace the affected materials with another design of equal value. The above remedy is the customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for claims under warranty. This warranty extends only to the original end-user and is non-transferable.



-To validate the warranty, the original invoice from an authorized dealer must be supplied.

- Manufacturer (jubilee Tiles) approved adhesives and methods of installation as well as appropriate   handling and storage of products must be used as advised on packaging for your warranty to be valid.

- Upon deviating from these conditions, the warranty is considered null and void.