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Jubilee Tiles


Double Check the Following Before Commencement

The correct tiles and quantities have been supplied.

Ensure all of the tiles have been delivered are the correct type and quantity. Make sure there are enough tiles to complete the job.

Jubilee Tiles may provide an estimate of the quantities you require but the responsibility is with the purchaser via their chosen contractor or tradesperson, to confirm and ensure quantities which should always include allowances for wastage and spare tiles.

If any case, the laying pattern of the tiles is complex or the tiles are difficult to cut, the percentage allowed for wastage should be increased.

Under measurement and/or not allowing for any excess may result in a situation where the same tile or batch is not available post-purchase.

Prior to installation, ensure that the tiles supplied and chosen tiles are all the same shade (batch).

Shade variation is an inherent feature associated with mass tile production. It is the tiler’s/ contractor`s responsibility to open and check the label and the tile in all boxes before any works proceed.
If batch numbers are not checked properly, two batches may be installed in the same area. There is always a possibility that neither of these batches would be available if required.

All shade and batch labels must be checked before works commence.

Ensure that any defective tiles are not installed under any circumstances. Jubilee Tiles will not accept any claims after materials have been installed.

In general terms, Jubilee Tiles will not recognise claims once tiles have been installed.